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FLR Farms

FLR Farms is a family owned fourth generation and coming fifth generation farm.  Traditionally we have been a mixed farm, but in the last 15 years we have become a predominantly livestock operation.  We still grow some feed grains for our livestock, but our main business is Cattle.

We direct market a number of beef into our local consumer area and have had excellent reviews on our beef.  I will offer some of my own as well as neighbor and friends recipes here.   Beef is a terrific source of essential nutrients and a terrific converter of sunlight to a consumable product.   We take great pride in the animals we produce and the product that we deliver.  (often directly to your door).

We believe that the Beef Animal is a critical contributor to a healthy ecosystem.   We have been challenged of late with homeschooling our kids during the Coronovirus Isolation.  Part of our science work has been to study environments and ecosystems.  What a perfect fit!

Home Shopping

As mentioned previously I have belonged to a home shopping company for many years.  My environmentally friendly products have been delivered directly to my post office .

In the current Global Pandemic what could be better, no need for a visit to the store.

This business offers so many products for the pantry, to health and wellness and cleaning products.  I LOVE IT!  Also Hand Sanitizer is available!

You pay a small yearly membership and are required to order monthly.  This has never been an issue for our family as once you convert your house to these amazing products you won’t ever go back.

I decided recently to begin offering this as a business alternative to others.  If you are interested in creating a safe environment in your home and enjoying wonderful products delivered monthly to your door as well as earning a residual income.  Contact Me !

Next Steps…

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