I’m Back!!! New Ideas, New Outlook!

What the heck, nothing changes if you don’t do something so here goes. Blog posts in all sorts of directions, whatever we can talk about over a cup of coffee. The Coffee’s Always On and there is a comfy chair around the table or cozied up under a blanket in the living room. Or I may be working on my other businesses or outside on the Ranch. But that’s the crazy thing about technology we can connect everywhere.

The weather is hot, we are making Hay!

As they say, make hay while the sun is shining. On the ranch this is exactly what we do!! The weather may seem hot to us at home and we are looking for someplace to cool down for the afternoon, but it is prime haying weather. Lets hope the summer storms stay away. I am playing with word press a bit and I know the photos I have added on the portfolio page are side ways, but this old brain can not figure out how to change them …anyone have some advice to share?

I have been doing some thinking about a pop up business and am wondering if anyone would be interested in a bulk school supply order. Has anyone ever done this, or opened a small interenet store? What would the process be?

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The Coffees On….

Spring has rolled into summer on the ranch. We have been busy with the garden, cattle, kids and life in general. The coffee is always on here , no matter how busy we are. We sure enjoy the stop in ‘live’ visits and the virtual visits. I am going to create an instagram and fb account and see how we do for followers. The kids are wondering about adding youtube videos too. Any thoughts?

Pink Is Not My Color Anymore!

Not sure if I’m ready for this blog post yet, but here it goes. Many of my friends don’t know this. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a year ago. I have gone through a year of surgeries, treatments, therapies etc. But on Valentines Day of 2019 my oncologist told us they got it!! Its all gone!! Now that sounds exciting, but honestly at the moment there is not a lot of emotion in that for me. I still have a few things I am dealing with as a direct result of the cancer and the treatments. I also tried really hard and for the most part except for one blip , have stayed very positive throughout. My attitude and my faith have helped me through. I am also currently learning how much laughter can change your mood and outlook on life. This statement above keeps popping into my head like it wants to be released. So here I am, releasing it!!! Pink is Not My Color Anymore!!!!

I want to be a supporter and advocate to women young and old’er’ to take care of themselves. Life is so good and medical science can take good care of us. As well as our own Holistic methods of health. I am an advocate of a combined approach to health care. Lord I am thankful for the medical system we are privileged to have in Canada! There are so many more blog posts just within this post, they are running wild in my head now as I type this. I will add to this topic again. For now I am going to be Brave and hit publish! God Bless!

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Whats Up?

With all that is going on in life, I should be wired to get moving in the morning, but my brain has other plans for me.  I can’t seem to get up much energy in the mornings.  It takes till 9 or 10 to get all the cylinders firing if you will….. Why?  I know my husband is frustrated with me, I am definitely frustrated with myself…..Perhaps its lack of progress in the work I am trying to accomplish. 

Still not sure how all this web marketing works, and I have to finalize our year end for our Ranch Business.  I actually like doing books, but this year has been a tough one and I am finding it hard to stay focused when I am doing books.

Anyone else ever have this trouble and any suggestions.

Remember the coffee is on ~stop in for a visit, introduce yourself!!

I will better introduce myself soon.

This is really what it feels like some days.


I am somewhat addicted to trying to figure out the internet world. As I am fumbling along, I am experimenting. I changed the theme today and I don’t think my previous Blog posts stayed with the site. ??? Maybe they did and I can’t find them.

My head is a bit confused as to how this all works. I should have my 9 year old twins helping me as I am sure they understand this much better than me.

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This is Hard!

OK I am no computer Techy, and I am finding this website creation difficult. Its hard to teach an old girl new tricks, but I am determined, so please bare with me as I fumble my way through this. I have been trying to load a simple image of my coffee cup and my kitchen table and I am having troubles if you have any suggestions for me fire away.

Hello World

Hello World,

Today is the day to publish this site.  My goal with creating a website is to offer content that is relevant, interesting and entertaining.  To discuss life, family, business and travel if the opportunity arises.    Just like at my Kitchen Table, the coffee is always on and the topics are open.  Come on in and lets get to know each other and visit!