Who Are We?

We are

A new generation of Ranch Family, we are located in Saskatchewan Canada. When I say new generation I mean the fact the Ranching or Farming has never been in history the way it is today and we are taking our Ranch to the Internet!! Traditionally rural people have been known for their hospitality, their availability for a visit from a neighbor or a friend but our lives are busier and more complicated than ever before today. So I decided to open up our world to the world around my virtual Kitchen table for a coffee or a visit with anyone out there. Most topics will be on the table for discussion, although I would appreciate all comments and discussion to be family friendly. As that is exactly what I would like to create is a family friendly atmosphere.

My Family

My Family will be involved in this website and blog, as inspiration for topics, perhaps participants and maybe links to their own pages.

We are all growing in our knowledge of what we can do in the global cyber space, so we may fumble a bit, but we will be learning along the way and hope that we can create value, interest and knowledge for our readers. If you feel inclined to offer advice we are open to that, send us a message.

We are a family of 6 with our 2 oldest children adding significant others into the family along with young children. Our 2 youngest are A Lot younger than the olders and twins to boot!! There are lots of great life adventures to talk about and share stories just in regard to family dynamics. Our kids always keep us laughing, adventuring and growing, but don’t get me wrong we all have our days. I do not intend to create a make believe world where all is sunshine, roses and unicorns! No ones life is perfect and we are no exception. We are a Christian family, and over the years I have learned that God will help us through if we Trust. I am not going to make this a Christian lifestyle blog either, but this is ME and I may add in my own bent on life. That’s the privilege of being the author!! 😊😘