The weather is hot, we are making Hay!

As they say, make hay while the sun is shining. On the ranch this is exactly what we do!! The weather may seem hot to us at home and we are looking for someplace to cool down for the afternoon, but it is prime haying weather. Lets hope the summer storms stay away. I am playing with word press a bit and I know the photos I have added on the portfolio page are side ways, but this old brain can not figure out how to change them …anyone have some advice to share?

I have been doing some thinking about a pop up business and am wondering if anyone would be interested in a bulk school supply order. Has anyone ever done this, or opened a small interenet store? What would the process be?

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The Coffees On….

Spring has rolled into summer on the ranch. We have been busy with the garden, cattle, kids and life in general. The coffee is always on here , no matter how busy we are. We sure enjoy the stop in ‘live’ visits and the virtual visits. I am going to create an instagram and fb account and see how we do for followers. The kids are wondering about adding youtube videos too. Any thoughts?