Pink Is Not My Color Anymore!

Not sure if I’m ready for this blog post yet, but here it goes. Many of my friends don’t know this. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a year ago. I have gone through a year of surgeries, treatments, therapies etc. But on Valentines Day of 2019 my oncologist told us they got it!! Its all gone!! Now that sounds exciting, but honestly at the moment there is not a lot of emotion in that for me. I still have a few things I am dealing with as a direct result of the cancer and the treatments. I also tried really hard and for the most part except for one blip , have stayed very positive throughout. My attitude and my faith have helped me through. I am also currently learning how much laughter can change your mood and outlook on life. This statement above keeps popping into my head like it wants to be released. So here I am, releasing it!!! Pink is Not My Color Anymore!!!!

I want to be a supporter and advocate to women young and old’er’ to take care of themselves. Life is so good and medical science can take good care of us. As well as our own Holistic methods of health. I am an advocate of a combined approach to health care. Lord I am thankful for the medical system we are privileged to have in Canada! There are so many more blog posts just within this post, they are running wild in my head now as I type this. I will add to this topic again. For now I am going to be Brave and hit publish! God Bless!

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