Whats Up?

With all that is going on in life, I should be wired to get moving in the morning, but my brain has other plans for me.  I can’t seem to get up much energy in the mornings.  It takes till 9 or 10 to get all the cylinders firing if you will….. Why?  I know my husband is frustrated with me, I am definitely frustrated with myself…..Perhaps its lack of progress in the work I am trying to accomplish. 

Still not sure how all this web marketing works, and I have to finalize our year end for our Ranch Business.  I actually like doing books, but this year has been a tough one and I am finding it hard to stay focused when I am doing books.

Anyone else ever have this trouble and any suggestions.

Remember the coffee is on ~stop in for a visit, introduce yourself!!

I will better introduce myself soon.

This is really what it feels like some days.


I am somewhat addicted to trying to figure out the internet world. As I am fumbling along, I am experimenting. I changed the theme today and I don’t think my previous Blog posts stayed with the site. ??? Maybe they did and I can’t find them.

My head is a bit confused as to how this all works. I should have my 9 year old twins helping me as I am sure they understand this much better than me.

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This is Hard!

OK I am no computer Techy, and I am finding this website creation difficult. Its hard to teach an old girl new tricks, but I am determined, so please bare with me as I fumble my way through this. I have been trying to load a simple image of my coffee cup and my kitchen table and I am having troubles if you have any suggestions for me fire away.